People who are far from the topic of investment believe that it makes sense to invest only if there are large amounts of money. Since they do not have them, they are not even interested in this topic. However, there are many investment options that don’t require millions. Consider how you can profitably invest even small amounts, what myths confuse novice investors.
What you need to know about investing. 5 simple rules

If you are used to living on only one salary and have never had your own business, then the sphere of investment probably seems difficult and mysterious to you. But everything can be learned! There are a few simple rules that novice investors should definitely learn so as not to be disappointed at first.

Decide on the amount of investment. Start-up capital – what should it be? In theory, you can start your investment business with any amount. For example, buy shares for 2 thousand rubles. But such investments will not bring any tangible profit. It is recommended to have at least 10-20 thousand rubles for these purposes. Of course, the higher the investment, the more substantial your passive income will be.
Risk and return are directly related. The immutable rule of the exchange, and indeed of the business as a whole, says: the more you risk, the higher the profitability. This means that the most attractive offers can quickly enrich you or completely deprive you of all your investments. So you need to soberly assess whether you have the opportunity to take such risks, whether your budget will withstand such losses.
Invest only in areas that you are well versed in. Let’s say a realtor knows real estate, not agriculture or heavy industry. Therefore, it is more expedient for him to deal with residential or commercial real estate.
Make deposits on a regular basis. It will not be enough to invest just once. Profit needs to be reinvested, and then the financial instrument will eventually acquire compound interest. In this way, even a modest start-up capital will turn into a good passive income.
Diversify your money. Channel them to different assets. Ideally, an investment portfolio should contain equal shares of real estate, bonds and stocks. Investing in only a single financial instrument is too risky. This is perfectly stated in the famous English proverb: “Do not store all your eggs in one box.”
10 options where to invest your money

Where can you invest your money in order to receive a guaranteed monthly income? There are many financial instruments that differ in the degree of risk and expected return. Here are ten assets that can generate a monthly profit. They are easy to manage, do not require a lot of capital and are available even to an inexperienced beginner.

Investment insurance
There is an excellent answer to the question of where you can safely and profitably invest money: this is investment life insurance. It combines an investment vehicle and life insurance to protect the financial well-being of the family. For example, the program “Vector” from IC “Ingosstrakh-Life”. The client signs a contract for a specified period and makes contributions. If the client’s life is interrupted, then the beneficiaries (usually family members or other persons specified in the contract) receive the payment guaranteed by the contract. Most often, it is equal to the amount of paid contributions. If this does not happen, then at the end of the contract, the client receives the paid contributions and the profitability earned in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.
Thus, this financial instrument is 100% reliable, guarantees a return and promises to be potentially highly profitable. Capital is legally protected: it is transferred to strictly specified persons, cannot become the subject of a property conflict, cannot be confiscated or arrested.

Bank deposits
If you think about where you can profitably invest money, then a bank deposit will immediately come to mind. Indeed, this is the most popular type of investment, but the annual rate in the Russian Federation has been decreasing in recent years and is no more than 4-6%. Financiers predict that rates will continue to decline in the future.
In addition to traditional deposits, banks also offer savings accounts for specific purposes. They are convenient in that money can be withdrawn at any time without losing it at the interest rate. But on such accounts very small interest is charged, usually 3-6% per annum. Taking into account inflation, these percentages become meaningless, they help, at best, to preserve their funds, and not to increase them.
There are banks in Russia that offer fairly decent rates on deposits, but recently the Central Bank has been actively revoking their licenses, as it considers them unreliable and dubious.
So, this method, although it is safe, does not have a good profitability and is only suitable for saving money.