Polenta is one of the flagship dishes, next to pizza, various pastas or risotto, associated with the cuisine of Italy. A simple and at the same time very versatile snack, the basis of which is cornmeal or corn grits. We will tell you how to cook polenta and what to serve this delicacy with.
Polenta – what is it?

The dish has changed over the centuries. Initially, polenta was prepared on the basis of chestnut, buckwheat and barley flour. The arrival of corn in Europe in the 16th century has had the greatest influence on today’s recipes.

This dish, made from readily available and inexpensive ingredients, quickly became an important part of the menu of the poorer segments of the population. Although it was eaten mainly in the northern part of the country, today we can find it in all regions of Italy. Polenta is served both in restaurants and in tiny bars that specialize only in the preparation of this delicacy and serve it in takeaway portions.

What is polenta? How to cook this Italian dish? To be precise, this is a cooked porridge made from wholemeal cornmeal, which forms a very dense dish. Can be eaten immediately after preparation. However, a more popular procedure is to let it cool, then cut the polenta into smaller pieces and fry or grill.