Safer roads and tax relief

Fighting for better quality construction and access to more funding, reducing the burden on taxpayers and prevent future funding issues.

Budgeting Responsibly

Delivering responsible state budgets months before the deadline. With conservative Republicans like me in office, responsible government spending is a standard you can expect every year.

Expanding Energy Access

Introduced legislation to expand energy access on farms and rural communities. I will continue to fight for better energy access (I know that it is fundamental for you to decide what is best for your energy needs.)

Improving our internet access

Our rural communities need more affordable and reliable internet access. In order for our children to excel and our small businesses to flourish, internet access is a must. I will continue to push for expansion of internet access so our communities can thrive.

Protecting our veterans

I will continue to fight to protect our veterans’ rights and ensure that there will be systems in place as they return home, including job opportunities and a support network to aid in the transition back to civilian life. Our veterans deserve our respect and gratitude.