Don’t invest your last cash
For example, most of the salary or the annual bonus. You can only invest free money – those that you will not need for life support in the very near future: savings, savings.
Don’t start with big amounts
Invest money that you can afford to withdraw from your personal or family budget without fear of being broke. Private investing is not a gamble, but a process that requires knowledge, skills and abilities, so it is worth learning on small amounts.
Remember the risk
Any investment of funds carries risks of different levels. Learn to calculate them and find out ways to reduce (for example, compiling a diversified investment portfolio – the case when you invest in several different instruments). Simply put, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Do not use dubious sources of information about the investment process
Unfortunately, there are a lot of pseudo useful sites on the Internet that offer tempting but dangerous strategies. Refer to official sources – sites of certified brokers, the site of the Moscow Exchange, portals of banks and issuers of securities. Moreover, serious companies have convenient mobile applications – so you can invest and monitor the movement of your money in real time wherever it suits you.
Diversify your investments
Invest in different tools, choose complex strategies, combine ways to generate income. In a modern economy and geopolitics, it is better to diversify your investment portfolio not only by instruments, but also by industry and country of issuers, terms, reliability, liquidity. So you will partially insure yourself against losses.
Invest only in tools you understand
You must have an accurate idea of ​​how your money will work, due to what and in what time frame income is generated, what risks you can incur.
Be sure to try investing again
Even if the first one was not the most successful. Analyze your mistakes, evaluate new opportunities, consult with a broker and try again.
Work with professionals, especially at the beginning.
Working with a broker allows you to avoid stupid and offensive mistakes, learn how to work with tools and get access to exclusive analytics, without which competent investments are impossible. And most importantly, remember: a professional broker guarantees transparency and controllability of all operations. If this is not the case, refuse the services offered to you.
Now let’s talk about the very ways to invest your free money.
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