A healthy lifestyle (HLS) is a lifestyle of a person aimed at preventing diseases and promoting health. No matter how perfect medicine is, it cannot save everyone from all diseases. A person is the creator of his own health, for which he must fight.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. It is known that our health is 10% determined by our genes, 20% by the environment in which we live, another 10% by the level of medical care, and the remaining 60% by a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle includes the following main elements: a rational regime of work and rest, rational nutrition, an optimal motor regime, hardening, personal hygiene, and the eradication of bad habits of stress.

A rational regime of work and rest is a necessary element of a healthy lifestyle. The daily regimen must be built taking into account age, the nature of labor activity and the state of health. Rational alternation of physical labor and mental work is the key to good health, high performance. Also important is the alternation of work activity and rest. Sleep is an essential component of rest during the day. It is very important for health and performance is the development of the correct rhythm of sleep. You also need to be able to fully relax in a dream. An adult’s sleep should last at least 7-8 hours. What can ensure a good sleep?
Fluff your pillows well before bed. It is best to use a small rectangular pillow or roll under the neck.
Remove all flowers and sources of strong odors from the room.
Do not eat at night and refrain from drinking alcohol before bed.
To get enough sleep, you must definitely go to bed before midnight (lack of sleep leads to overwork of the nervous system, exhaustion and weakening of the body).
Your bed should have a firm and level surface.
It is not recommended to sleep in front of the TV or in a room with a working computer.
It is better to sleep, turning over from one side to another, so that the internal organs of the right and left sides rest.
The air in the room must be clean, for this it is good to get used to sleeping with an open window or window (at a temperature of 17-180C).
Rational nutrition is extremely important for health. Nutrition should be complete, i.e. contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates (50-75%) due to cereals, vegetables, pasta; a sufficient amount of protein (10-15%) of both vegetable and animal origin; fats (15-30%) as well as vegetable and animal origin. Nutrition should be energetically balanced, i.e. the same amount of nutrients and energy should be taken into the body as was spent. Meals should be regular, at least 4-5 times a day. Breakfast is required! The break between dinner and breakfast should not exceed 10 hours. Proper nutrition is the key to your health and active longevity.
Physical activity is the most important condition for a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a normal weight. In the modern world, people tend to move little. Persons with a sufficient level of physical fitness are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases. On the contrary, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are prone to obesity and the acquisition of many chronic diseases. It is useful to walk up the stairs without using the elevator. According to doctors, each step gives a person 4 seconds of life, 70 steps burn 28 calories.
Hardening is part of a healthy lifestyle. Hardening is an increase in the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors. Hardening should be constant and consistent, they should be practiced daily.
Of all types of hardening, air bath hardening is the simplest. They take air baths naked to the waist, combining them with gymnastics, running or other physical exercises.

The strongest hardening effect is provided by water procedures – wiping, dousing, showers, baths, rubbing with snow and winter swimming. Hardening with water begins with rubbing and washing a part or the whole body, then proceeds to dousing first with warm water (32-340C), then with water at room temperature, gradually reducing it to 15-100C. The duration of the procedure is 2 minutes.

The hardening methods also include walking barefoot, first in the apartment on the floor, then in May-September on the ground, combining it with cold foot baths (water temperature 18-100C).

Personal hygiene is the hygiene of the regime of personal life and life, work and leisure of a person, an element of a healthy lifestyle. It includes a rational daily regimen, body care, hygiene of clothes and shoes. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene contributes to maintaining health and ability to work, and consequently, an active long life.
Refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs).
When smoking, colds and coughs often lead to complications. The smoker does not inhale all the harmful substances that are in that