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The Committee to Elect Brett Roberts
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Where I Stand

For years jobs have been leaving our state and our country and it's getting harder and harder to keep businesses alive. As the owner of the Charlotte Dairy Queen and a self employed seed dealer and farmer, I know what it's like to have to sign both sides of a paycheck and watch hard-earned dollars disappear into complex and costly taxes. Michigan needs a well trained and reliable workforce to compete in the global job market. We need to encourage small businesses to bring employment into our communities by keeping regulations and taxes reasonable and offering incentives.

My family has been farming for over 100 years. I've spent my whole life on the farm. We feed our nation, yet constantly face rising energy costs, regulatory burdens, duplicative oversight, rising taxes, labor shortages, and outside interest groups. It's getting harder and harder to make a profit. The simple truth is that I want to go to Lansing to protect our industry and help develop new markets for Michigan's agricultural products.

Businesses and homeowners save money when there are more options for our energy needs. Many rural businesses have enormous energy needs and should be able to chose the most efficient and affordable solution. The money that business owners would save could be invested into jobs and into our communities. Offering more options like natural gas to more families lowers utility bills and encourages them to settle down in our rural areas.

Affordable and reliable Internet is necessary for our children's education and the growth of our rural businesses. Every business needs to be competitive in the larger market to succeed, and better Internet options give them the opportunity to reach a larger customer base and keep up on innovations in their field. Schoolwork often requires research, and for those who live outside the city limits access to reliable and up to date information can be difficult to get a hold of. Having the Internet at home for our children could mean the difference between pass and fail.

We need to make sure that the education of our children is a top priority. Our children need every education option available to prepare them for jobs and the future. My daughter will be starting school soon and I feel as a parent I should have the final say in my kid's education, not the government. I will push to get the money into classrooms and encourage more vocational training opportunities offered in public schools and community colleges.

Our roads are in terrible condition. We need to use better quality construction to begin with, instead of patching shoddy workmanship and materials. New sources of funding need to be found without raising taxes on Michigan's families and those dollars need to be spent more responsibly. Many citizens and business rely on travel to earn their pay, and we need to reasonably invest in the infrastructure that gets them there.

I grew up in a family, where the outdoors, hunting, and the 2nd amendment were a way of life. This outdoor heritage and constitutional right we all enjoy must be vigilantly protected and defended from outside interest groups. When it comes to the wise use of our natural resources, I believe that conservation through sound, scientific decisions is the answer. I will promote outdoor programs for women and youth to encourage the survival of our sport, our scenic hunting and fishing areas to increase tourism and our economic development, and firearms safety and awareness to everyone.